My name is Jelena Dopudj and I am a devoted Public Relations Student looking to jump-start a career in communicatScreen Shot 2015-04-16 at 8.04.36 PMions and public relations. The greatest story we can tell to the public starts with a public relations professional, and it is carefully crafted throughout a delicate relationship that requires constant grooming. I believe my writing, organizational and team-building skills make me an asset to anyone looking for a strong PR professional. I have working knowledge of most social media platforms, photoshop and Adobe design software, html applications and Microsoft applications. My work experience with Publix has helped me understand great customer service and teamwork, and my volunteer work with Heroes Alliance is helping bring awareness to child illnesses. I look forward to working in event marketing or public relations/communications in the publishing business.

As an avid cosplayer, I also manage a small side cosplay business with my friend William Marriott. We build and create costumes and props, as well as make guest appearances at comic conventions. We use our skills to volunteer as superheroes for children with terminal illnesses. A large portion of this business is being in contact with many photographers and event coordinators which requires great communication skills and social media management. Take a look at our Facebook page for more information.


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