Cosplay Nostalgia: The Lifetime Friend

You know that feeling when you put something away for the last time, something that meant a lot to you? Or take for example a football player who has just finished the last season of his career and he is tasked with putting his uniform away. Putting the uniform away is such a difficult task, how do you lay to rest something that carries pieces of your memories, forever? It seems like it should be an easy task, yet that is hardly the case.

This nostalgic notion of burying away something important presents itself to cosplayers every day! To put a costume away after wearing it at a con is always such a sentimental feeling. The costume probably took much time and effort to make. Not to mention all the great memories you made and people you met because of it. It represents an experience of its own kind; a time when you were someone else, someplace else.


Sure the costume may get reused eventually, perhaps at a different con. However, there is no telling when that moment may come.  All that is for sure is that the memories made in it are easily re-lived by simply wearing it again. Needless to say that is a truly magical experience.

As for me, I always carefully put my costumes away in a secret location where I know they won’t be disturbed. Though sometimes, I stumble upon them and reminisce in the wonder of who I was in the past and how well I cosplayed my character and sewed my costume. It’s all relative to the experience of cosplaying, and so far it has never been a bad one. I place my costumes away with a deep love and anxiety burning in the pit of my stomach. Anxiety partly caused by the mystery and wonders of who I can be next.

To join me on that journey, please follow JDCosplay on Facebook. Help me say goodbye to the old and determine the new. Although if you’re feeling really generous help some of the acts stay alive year-round by requesting your favorite cosplays. Who says goodbye has to be forever?


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