Red Hood for a Day: An Easy Cosplay

Is there a comic convention coming up soon that you really want to attend but have no costume prepared for it? Fear not! For there surely is a solution to your problem; a very easily prepared costume that doesn’t require much but will attract a lot of attention.

Although there is always the option of attending a comic con dressed in “civilian” clothes, we all know that’s against the spirit of comic cons. Besides, sometimes the best part of the convention is getting asked to have your picture taken and no one wants to take a photo with civilian number three. That’s precisely why I devised a relatively simple way to attract a lot of attention without having to find time in your busy life to sew together a costume or to sculpt props.

The following tutorial is a way to create a Red Hood costume from DC Universe’s Batman series. Red Hood is the second Robin (formerly known as Jason Todd) Batman employed and the first one to get killed in battle by the Joker. However, Jason Todd came back to life in a series of catastrophic events and took the identity of Red Hood; the original identity of the Joker. He now resides as an anti-hero and mercilessly kills any villains who dare get in his way. With some inner resent geared towards Batman, Red Hood is a popular choice for modern comic conventions. His allies as of 2011, The Outlaws, are widely popular. Which is why this costume is perfect for anyone looking to garner fan attention without having to exert too much effort. Note: This costume can be slightly modified to fit women or men and can even double as a Nightwing costume.

Materials Needed:


Black Scuba Suit


Brown Jacket


Combat Boots


Black Gloves


Fake Guns (Make sure to leave the orange stopper in, otherwise you’ll get kicked out by con security!)


Red Foam Paper


Paintball Skull Mask

Red Acrylic Paint



Utility Belt

Red Spray Paint

Hot Glue

The materials basically wear themselves and can easily be found on Amazon or eBay for $10 a pop. This costume is actually a bit cheaper than buying fabric and sewing it together yourself.

The only manipulations you will need to do, is paint the paintball skull mask a bright red color using some brushes and red acrylic paint. You should also cut out a NightWing or Bat Symbol from some foam paper that you can spray with red spray paint. After the Bat Symbol has been spray painted and dried it can be placed on the chest piece of the scuba suit.

You are welcome to change the costume as you wish. If you have time, you can spray paint some square foam pieces black and arrange them on the mid-torso region of the scuba suit so they look like ab muscles. Other things you can do include adding bondo auto-body filler onto the paintball mask and shaping and sanding it so that more features like the nose and mouth are included onto the helmet. The utility belt can also be manipulated to look more like it is full or to feature different things. Kneepads and leg straps can add to the look making it more action-like.


Overall the end result should look something like this:



The idea is quick and easy, especially for a last-minute con! Not to mention, no one will question the quality of the work because it is well put together. It is also a great first cosplay idea; it can give you the feel for cosplaying at a convention without wearing an over-dramatic or uncomfortably made first costume. Maybe soon you’ll be making your own red hoods!



Need more easy cosplay ideas? Simply comment below or share yours, sometimes it is hard to make a costume for every con that goes on in a year. This is all the more reason to mix it up and let yourself relax every now and then.


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