The Group Dynamic

I’d like to present my readers with something a little bit different today. I know I usually talk about comic books or cosplays but there’s something I grew up with that led me to really love cosplay and I think this same value is what continues to bring people into the cosplay world. To begin with, I will show you guys some of my favorite shows growing up followed by a description of the plot. See if you can find the connection between all these shows and the connection to why anyone should or would cosplay these characters.



1. Winx Club is a show about 6 fairy friends that attend a fairy college and learn to use their powers to help others, often saving the world with their male counterparts who wield magical weapons at the school of heroes.


2. 6Teen is a show about six very different teens (no way!) who all work at the same mall together. They get into all kids of trouble, all the time!


3. Scooby-Doo is a show about four friends and their dog who travel across the world and solve mysteries.


4. Teen Titans is a show about five teenage superheroes who fight crime under the leadership of the Boy Wonder. They also live together and conflicts often arise.


5. Yugioh! is a show about deck masters who possess special powers and fight for control of the world through magical monster card games.



6. Avatar: The Last Airbender is a show about the ancient Asian peoples who can control elements and their struggle for world peace.


7. Code Lyoko is a show about five friends who possess the power to enter virtual realities and stop virtual threats from entering the physical world.



8. Totally Spies is show about three teenage spies who get recruited on important missions by a secret world organization.



9. Young Justice is show about superhero sidekicks who create a junior hero branch and fight various crimes together without their superhero leaders.


If you haven’t caught on to this list or as to what’s similar between all these shows (besides the fantastic stories), I hope you realize that what made these shows successful was the group dynamic. Each show has such varying and different story lines but they all have a group dynamic, the main characters in the show are all friends of some sort who share a living space or other aspects of their life that brings them together. I believe that’s something really important to showcase in the media, especially to younger audiences; to work together as a team. No matter how tough it gets, these friends always make it through tough times because they have each other. The idea of a group as stronger than the individual is really wonderful in connecting people together because when we work together we can achieve more than by working individually. Growing up, I’ve always wanted to be part of a group; a group that is different all around and has different people and personalities and opinions. To me the group dynamic is something I’ve always yearned for. I always thought it was always interesting how there could be all these different people with different backstories coming together because of one single interest that sets them apart from everyone else.

When I was 18, I finally discovered it; the group dynamic that connects many different people together from all over the world; cosplay. The group dynamic I was looking for all along was a lot closer than I thought, it was right in front of me. To go from feeling like I could never have those friends that share the same interests as me to having a whole convention-full, the group dynamic burns strong.


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