Gem Tutorial

Cosplay gem tutorial:


There are a lot of cosplay gem tutorials on the web. Gems are an essential part of a lot of cosplays. They can be used on costumes, as props, as well as other essential cosplay items. Some people use the same methods necessary to create gems and apply them to create other things like individually casted bows and various other castings. While castings may take a while to perfect, gems are essential to many costumes and provide useful skills that will be needed for future cosplays. There are many gem tutorials on the Internet like the ones on kamuicosplay’s website which are resin cast and made from individual castings. The only problem with some of these tutorials is that they can be a bit complex to understand for the cosplay beginner. Speaking from experience, I have tried to re-create some of the best tutorials I found online, just to discover that I wasted materials and time doing something wrong. Eventually, I decided to try something based on my own research and creativity and it’s super easy to follow as well.

The materials you will need for this tutorial are as follows:


-Some kind of casting for your gems, can be paint dishes/palettes or even something like a round ice cream scooper; the casting should be made out of plastic if it’s made out of metal it will need to be heated up after it dries in order to be retrieved from the cast

Petroleum jelly/ Vaseline

Food dye (the color should be the color you need for your gems)

Gorilla epoxy glue/ any kind of resin glue (can be found in Wal-Mart, hardware stores, and even some auto or convenience stores)

Epoxy glue is a durable moldable glue that dries quickly. It is used for heavy duty home improvement projects and to create molds of certain things that are unavailable. Epoxy works like a sort of ancient prototype of a 3-D printer.


The hardest part of this whole process is gathering the materials, everything afterwards is cake!




To begin; simply choose the cast where you will pour your gem. Make sure the size is appropriate for the gem prop you wish to make. After you’ve done so, coat the whole inside of the cast with a light layer of Vaseline or petroleum jelly, making sure to smooth out rough layers.


Next, pour the epoxy glue or resin into the casting (before the Vaseline dries). As soon as you pour it add a few drops of food coloring or as needed to create the color you desire and stir the color into the glue lightly with a plastic stirring rod.


Leave the resin inside the cast for at least an hour. Afterwards it should pop right out and you will have a brilliant cosplay gem. You can add clear, shiny acrylic coats to it so that it appears shinier.


The end result looks like this: (created in an ice-cream scooper which was made of metal and had to be placed in hot water for a few seconds to loosen up. This can be done if your gem doesn’t come right out of its cast after it is dry.)


Let me know if this technique works just as well for you!


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