Cosplay Nostalgia

Recently, I came across a really great cosplay post on Tumblr. The topic discusses “things that no one tells you about getting into cosplay,” which are very insightfully written. Fellow cosplayer seerofsarcasm brings up a lot of great points, which you can read further. The most important one that really stuck out to me is the last point she mentions about becoming a really experienced cosplayer who will want to judge someone else because of a poorly constructed costume. The post further indicates that although this feeling is natural with experience, it is important to not judge anyone for just having fun, and to also remember yourself at that stage.


I really think this post speaks volumes and that it is really important for experienced cosplayers to not get in over their heads. To me, this post listed everything I have experienced through cosplay. For instance, the very first costumes I ever made were barely stitched together, however I never paid much attention to that because I was too busy enjoying myself at the convention. I have felt that another cosplayer’s costume was better, but at that stage I was admiring the costuming more than envying it or feeling bad about my skills.


At the same time, I have been on the other end of the spectrum where I felt my costume was well-executed, accurate and well put-together. In fact, it is at this point that I felt more insecure about my costume and skillset because I was not going to the convention to just enjoy myself, I was going to show off my works and that is a type of display that is both humbling and exposing. I have been struggling with comparing my costumes to other great cosplayers and all it has done is caused serious grief and doubt. The moment that you turn cosplay into a competition, is the moment it loses its fun. Does it not?



1939804_715835405134165_1154123813_n 1524719_675489809168725_729900893_n


On the left is an Arsenal costume I made for a friend within the last month. On the right is one of the first costumes I made for that same friend of Robin at one of my first conventions. The difference between them is really astounding, but luckily we continue to have fun despite what we’re wearing.


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