MegaCon 2014: An Explosion of Nerd Culture

Some critics don’t believe that nerd culture is here to stay. However, if anybody actually went to the Orlando Convention Center for Megacon 2014; they would be astounded by what they saw.

With over 70,000 attendants and three packed floors, walking into the convention was like swimming through piles of people. The drive to Orlando from Tampa took the average person 4 hours simply because parking and traffic were so bad that it took at least 2 hours just to make it from your hotel to the convention center. People flooded the panels even if they did not purchase tickets because there was barely a controlled atmosphere. A year ago, there was half as many people attending this event making it become one of the biggest conventions in the Southeast- not worth going unless you stay for three days.

Unfortunately my costume as New 52 revamped Starfire was strangely ruined by a number of things mainly the four hour sweaty car drive. Despite this, it took me at least 30 minutes to walk 20 feet at the convention center because so many people wanted to take pictures of both my costume and the one I made for my boyfriend which was Arsenal of course from Red Hood and the Outlaws. To view these pictures and my personal cosplay page follow jdcosplay on facebook.


As shown above, you can definitely see that the convention crowd meant business. Better regulation and planning on the hotel staff’s part would definitely improve the center, however it is very difficult to say no to 70,000 people. Even though the convention and panels ended at six p.m. the crowds dwelled well into the darkness. Perhaps, the critics should reconsider.


2 thoughts on “MegaCon 2014: An Explosion of Nerd Culture

  1. Wow! It’s really awesome that you got to go to that, and the fact that you went as starfire is awesome, I’m the worlds biggest teen titans fan, and while Im not crazy with what they have done with it in new 52 it’s still all good with me. Cool Post! I would love it if you could check out my page

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