Megacon 2014 Coming Up

I cannot tell you how excited I am for Megacon 2014 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. There are so many guests lined up and great cosplays to look forward to. Fans have taken it upon themselves to create comic book photoshoots and other organized photoshoots. The amount of people that are expanding into nerd culture is really astounding. Conventions are growing more and more popular and gaining more fans as television stars and other artists begin to regularly attend. If you think about it, nerd culture is impacting our society as technology renovates the world. Careers that were originally thought to be unattractive and “unmanly” are becoming some of the highest paid in the world; such as computer programming and computer science. The nerd is on par with the jock and the rock star which results in very large convention crowds.

To really put it into perspective actor Andrew Garfield points out some great things when questioned about his role as “Spider-Man.” Garfield was at a San Diego Comic Con last year where he revealed his thoughts on the hero-complex. It is a well-known fact that each comic superhero struggles with something and gains courage by overcoming his situation. For Peter Parker; or Spiderman, he struggled with avenging his Uncle’s death but also with being a nerdy high school kid who was often bullied for simply being smart. Andrew Garfield decided to comment of Spiderman as a modern superhero. He believed that as nerd culture expands, being the nerdy kid in high school is not something that is a real problem. He then brought up the idea that maybe Spiderman should be gay or bi-sexual because at least then he would have to deal with a conflict relevant to the modern world and not something that was only mostly relevant to the 1940’s. Should the expansion of nerd culture be a call to present more varieties of struggles in comic books, or is the “nerd” still getting beat up for his lunch money?


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