No place like Gotham

For those of you still wondering if Gotham is really a place, you shouldn’t be disheartened if someone tells you there is no such place. Of course, there isn’t a real city out there that goes by the name of Gotham. Although there is one city that tried to make “Gotham” its official nickname, unfortunately this city was struck down by the council as it already has an official nickname of “The Big Apple.”

That’s right, New York City is actually Gotham, well sort of. You see Gotham is based off of The Big Apple and it makes sense for a lot of reasons. For starters, New York City is notorious for being overpopulated; which means that all kinds of people can be found there; perhaps even a crazy man named “The Joker.” It’s no surprise that Gotham’s criminal activity is never at rest, precisely all the more need for a dark knight. Gotham, home to some of the biggest mobsters, Arms Dealer and drug dealers is reflected well from New York; the place to also have copious amounts of all three. For a billionaire like Bruce Wayne, New York is the perfect place to run his company and work on his second job. Not to mention there are enough buildings to be able to jump to and from with a rope without falling down. Gotham is a metropolis of boisterous people and criminal activity; attributes that are often accredited to good ol’ NYC. Another great reason for Gotham to represent New York City? It’s the home of DC Comics; the creators of Batman.

Image (Gotham in Batman shows.)

Image (New York Skyline)

Maybe the next time you pick up a comic book that takes place in Gotham, you too can see the similarities it shares with New York City. Perhaps you will realize that New York City would benefit from its very own Batman, because it certainly has its Jokers, LOAs and mysterious residential caves.

Quick Fact: Gotham was actually the nickname given to New York City by a satirist named William Irving in 1807.

Gotham Map:


New York City Map:



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