Batman Beyond: A New Generation

Batman Beyond is a great show that provides an interesting take on the future of Batman. A future where Bruce Wayne is too old to take care of Gotham by himself and is reduced to having an apprentice fill his shoes. Unfortunately it takes a while for Bruce to realize that his apprentice is actually his son and a whole lot of drama ensues from that. However, I didn’t bring Batman Beyond up to reveal all the spoilers, I brought it up because it is a collaboration that doesn’t follow a publishing/copyright cycle. What I mean by that is that Batman Beyond went from being a show to being produced as a comic book instead of the usual way from a comic book to a show.

Many cartoon and film adaptations can be found for various comics, some which are still in production today. Although you’ve probably never realized that the people who write the comics only sell their copyrights to production companies, which means that whoever is working on the show is free to get as creative as they want with a borrowed character. This has usually been the case with most major superhero characters; especially the Dark Knight. Comic companies very rarely respond to mediums that re-produce their characters and certainly not in the way they did with Batman Beyond.

Batman Beyond borrowed some characters from the original DC comics like Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon. Yet instead of using them as the center of their storylines, they placed them on the backburner and let original characters that the production team created take the wheel. The response to the 1999 show was an overwhelmingly accepting one and still to this day, Batman Beyond remains one of the great superhero adaptations. In fact, the show garnered so much attention that Terrence McGuiness, the new Batman in Batman Beyond was adopted by DC comics as part of the Batman universe.

At first, Terrence was seen here and there in some Batman and Justice League comics, without having a focus strictly on him. Fortunately, that will all change soon as the new Batman Beyond comics are released by DC in May of 2014. The new comics will center on Terry as he tries to fill the shoes of a time-weathered Bruce Wayne. To end Batman from the comic universe would cause a great outcry among loyal fans, but hopefully Terry will win our hearts as fast as he did 15 years ago. The story of the Dark Knight is not over, in fact it is just getting started and there will be a new generation, a younger generation asked to take the leap of faith with us.



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