The future of reading in Spritzing

I recently came across an article that claimed the technology to read a 223-page novel in 77 minutes is now real. It’s a new technique developed by a company named Spritz and this technology basically uses a gif to flash words on one center of a page. Because all the words are on the same center, the need to waste time reading from left to right is no longer a problem. Spritz is looking to sell its technology to app-developers. They also want to have the technology integrated into wearable technology such as the emerging smartphone watches.

An example of how Spritz works:


Spritz claims that its technology could help more people be literate because books will be easier to read. Spritz will also increase the words per minute that someone can read at a time whilst understanding the content as well.

While this technology is a really innovative twist on a current mass medium, I wonder if Spritz might ruin writing as an art form. Since words will flash so frequently across a page, the descriptive and artistic language in which the work is written might be lost in translation. Another issue I have noticed with Spritz is that it might cause a magazine plague. By that I mean that people will eventually adopt Spritz as the new way of reading leaving magazines and comic books that contain picture aids obsolete. To read a comic book is to also enjoy it for its art, Spritz would absolutely take away from that. What if people stop reading comic books because the words take a while to place and read? We are all becoming more impatient with upcoming generations getting worse. Our mass media is changing, but could it be for the worse?


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