Cosplayers Have Secret Identities Too

We all know that superheroes have secret identities as regular civilians and masked heroes. However, the cosplay world is not much different. Many of the people that dress up at comic conventions portray their characters really well. Sometimes so well, it is difficult to believe that they have an entirely different life outside of cosplay. Not all costumers are artists or heroes, some are accountants, teachers or even high clearance security officials. Business Insider recently did a poll at a Comic Convention in Manhattan to ask some cosplayers what they do in real life (as if cosplay isn’t real life). The responses were great because they show the diversity in the cosplay world, how many different people can partake in the same interest. The video is posted below.

If you have ever talked to a cosplayer you thought was just absolutely fantastic, you might be so overwhelmed by the character they are dressed up as and forget that they live a different life on the weekdays. I know from personal experience that I am more interested in learning how a cosplayer made a costume versus where he or she works.  Sometimes asking personal questions can take away from the magic of the character which can ruin a really good cosplay. Especially if you find out that Batman is actually just a college kid and not Bruce Wayne. But hey, who are we to judge your heroes?

While asking personal questions is a great way to network at social events, most people go to comic conventions to embody a totally different persona. Sometimes, cosplayers will stay in character for the duration of the con which adds more fun to the whole event. What makes staying in character even better is that it is a way to express yourself and mentally lose yourself for a day or two which is always a fun experience.

Isn’t it amazing to think that some of the people you encounter in your everyday life, might be masked vigilantes at a local convention center. Essentially, a hero in disguise.

Do you know what your favorite cosplayer does as a dayjob? Share your thoughts below.


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