My name is Jelena Dopudj and I’m currently a Mass Communications student at the University of South Florida. Although I’m a junior, I am just beginning my journey in the field of public relations after switching my major from chemistry. I chose to pursue public relations because PR professionals are fundamental to every organization. This appeals to me because I love versatility career-wise and helping others.

Although I am used to blogging sites like Tumblr and LiveJournal, I rarely used them as blogs. Instead, I used them to write fictional stories and “re-blogging” art and other amusing graphics. However, I do use Facebook, which can be considered blog-like because Facebook posts allow you to express your thoughts publicly. I am active on the Tumblr community, that contains everything from actual blog posts to multimedia art. I mostly use it to post gifs of quotes or any of my other art. I also use Tumblr to keep up with certain organizations I’m interested in such as the Heroes-Alliance, which is a non-profit organization that helps sick and underprivileged children meet their favorite superheroes that are portrayed by various cosplayers around the world who volunteer for the organization. I also use Instagram frequently which can be viewed as a photo-blog that can express visual aspects of someone’s life publicly.

Some of the blogs I’m subscribed to (via RSS) include:

Confessions of a Cosplay Girl 

Confessions of a Cosplay Girl

One girl’s take on the ever-changing and rapidly growing cosplay world and how it affects its female members.

Cosplay Boom


A video-blog about how cosplay changes lives and creates real-life heroes.

Comic Book Resources


I follow this particular blog because it contains many resources in regards to comic books and their evolution and transition into the modern world. CBR discusses topics such as the over-sexualization of female heroines in revamped comics designated for younger audiences.

I believe that blogging is a great mass medium because it can be used to share personal experiences with anyone that is connected to the Internet. For instance, I am someone who loves cosplay, but if I wanted to find a tutorial on how to create my own gems I would not be able to find the information inside a hard news outlet or on a professional news source. I would want to have a tutorial without having to search for cosplayers and ask them if they could teach me to create gems. Luckily, I can find a cosplay blog on the Internet that provides such tutorials and comes from personal experience. It also allows me to interact with the blogger and their fans to share ideas back and forth, which is the pinnacle of growth.


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